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August 3, 2010

Video - Crash of flight 93 on 9/11

Where is the plane if it wasn't shot down?

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Flight 93
The Fourth Jet Commandeered on September 11th

United Airlines Flight 93 was the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, short of its alleged target, the Capital. The widespread debris field from the crash, together with eyewitness reports, strongly suggest that the jetliner was shot down by a missile fired by a pursuing jet. Flight 93 was a Boeing 757-200 on a scheduled flight from Newark to San Francisco, with 38 passengers, five flight attendants, and two pilots.
flight 93 route
This illustration from USA Today shows the alleged flightpath of Flight 93.
More accurate flight path descriptions are found in NTSB reports published in 2006.

At 8:42 AM, Flight 93 took off from Newark International Airport, 41 minutes after its scheduled departure time. 1 According to NORAD's September 18th timeline, at 9:16, the FAA informed NORAD that the flight may have been hijacked. Several communications with air traffic controllers indicate that Flight 93 was hijacked at around 9:27. 2 At 9:30, the transponder signal ceased. 3 At about this time, the plane apparently reversed direction and began flying toward the capital.
Phone Calls

There were numerous calls allegedly from Flight 93, most of them made using cell phones, and being relatively short. An exception was the call from passenger Todd Beamer on an Airfone, which was routed to Verizon supervisor Lisa Jefferson. Jefferson interviewed Beamer in detail in a conversation that would last from 9:45 until his famous last words before leading a passenger revolt: "Let's Roll". 4
Todd Beamer

The AP reported that at 9:58 a frantic passenger called from a bathroom and told operator Glenn Cramer that he had seen an explosion and smoke, and that the plane was "going down". 5 6 Investigators believe the passenger was Edward Felt.

At 10:06 AM, Flight 93 was apparently shot down near Somerset, PA. The official story that it was flown into the ground as a result of a struggle to control the cockpit is contradicted by the reports of eyewitnesses on the ground, as well as the phone call attributed to Edward Felt.

The crash site, in a reclaimed strip mine, comprised a central debris field and several smaller debris fields some distance away. One of the engines was found over half a mile away from the main field. 7 Other debris fields were found 2, 3, and 8 miles away. This evidence is virtually impossible to reconcile with the official story.

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